First off, how is my voice and who would you compare me to? Secondly, check out the triple tracking- it was the producer's idea to get the dreamy, airy sound I wanted. Also take into account that this is an unmastered rough mix.
i cant barely hear your voice because its so slow in the mix, therefore I can't hear it properly. it doesnt even sound triple tracked or even double tracked except for the tell-tale signs of the shape of the word not matching exactly when you sing it.
i don't mean this as an insult, but your voice sounds extremely whiny. I think the triple tracking is a decent idea, and the song itself had some good moments (not my genre). I think you need to toughen up your vocals and clean up your actual vocal control a bit (of course a good auto tuning would be helpful, but everyone needs improvement right).

your not terrible or anything, but your voice does need to be a little stronger even for the type of sound your trying to go for and more clear (easier to understand type of clear, some words are hard to understand). If you do this, maybe take lessons for singing for a little while (guitarist aren't the only ones who need lessons you know ) I think you could be a pretty solid singer.
I do take lessons and a lot of the influency is probably due to the fact that its a very rough mix and the tracks have only been roughly lined up and the creases haven'.t been ironed out yet. My voice is a bit 'grittier' in the other two songs on the record (I'll post them up when the masters come).