hey, i was changing strings and i got a little curious and started messing with the intonation and action. now my guitar is buzzy and numerous and frets and i dont know what to do. the guitar has floyd rose if that means anything.

anybody know how to fix this?
repeat the things you've done to it but in reversed order!

or get it professionally set up
on the back of your guitar under a plate are 2 screws that you need to loosen/tighten to adjust your bridge so that it lays level.

After doing that get the guitar in tune and fix your intonation one string at a time. You have to re-tune every time you adjust your bridge so that you get a true read every time.... Its a complete Pain on a Floyd but I've done it many times.

Also assuming you didnt touch the truss rod and are using the same gauge strings as you had before, just raise the 2 posts that your floyd sits on to stop the fret buzz.
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Ha, I did this to my first guitar, too.
I didn't have a floyd, so you're going to have a tougher go of things, but essentially, read up on the setup thread, the floyd thread, and maybe a few google resources, and mess around with it until you get it how you like it. It will be a pain in the ass, but be comforted knowing that you've probably screwed it up as badly as it will ever be, and any adjustments in the future will be way easier.
man, ive been trying what you guys said but i dont get it. i dont want to go to a professional lol. can somebody help clarify this or show me were to learn about it. ive been using google all day and i cant find anything. please lol
click the floyd thread, top of this page.

in the first post it shows what to adjust to level get the correct bridge height.

after you fix the action. then come back ask for help and i'll talk you thru intonation.

1. level the bridge. make sure the bridge isnt ass end up in the air.
2. adjust bridge posts, as shown in that picture, to make sure the height is good.
without a lot of buzz that transmits thru the amp.
3. post back if you need help with intonation.
4. profit.

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