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Kind of good, kind of bad for me. Right now I'm in fourth semester studying system engineering. Even tough some classes are difficult, i have managed to keep an above average score.

Too bad i am completely lacking in the social skills department and i don't know why, when i was in high school everyone told me that i was funny and a very nice person to be around with. But that changed immediately as soon as i started college and so far i don't have any real friends there, sure. I still talk to some people but i have never gone to parties with them or any kind of social activity with them.

At first i thought it was because i was very serious, so i started to talk with people more often, unfortunately this did not work because one day I'm talking to them like a normal person would, but then the next day they even forget to say "hi" to me.

So, UG users, how is life treating you now?
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... Congratulations.

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Life is okay. I start track tomorrow and a new job soon.
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Ahh, ok, I guess.
School sucks for me too, all the kids like country or Rap, its gay.
I did recently get sponsored for skateboarding, so its not that bad.
And I have a stalker (Shes crazy, I swear.)
Thats about it, so Id say its OK.
Dude I'm the same. I had alot of friends in highschool, but I haven't talked to a single person since starting college. At least I've got a girlfriend. =/
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'Tis great. I've recently kicked a bunch of habits out. I'm honest to people, I work out every day, I've begun actually doing my homework, so my grades are going up, I'm in the running to be Cadet Corps Commander in my JROTC unit next year, and I've got an amazing girlfriend. And $17. Life is good.
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okay i guess

the women category could use some work

but i have friends, i'm in a decent-sounding band, get decent grades, it's all okay
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Kinda good in a few ways. Exams just finished, (Which went pretty well) so I now have 10 weeks of holiday to game, play guitar, and hang out with friends. Last saturday, I went to the mvoies with 2 girls, one of which I kinda like, and one that I used to like (: with my friend, and had an awesome time. (And I feel pretty awesome cause all the idiots at my school who attempt to make fun of me for being a nerd have no chicks that are friends) Next week, a bunch of friends (Mainly girls) are all going to a person beachhouse for a day or two, which will be awesome. Working out is getting results faster than I expected, and I beat my time running today.

The bad- Although we had a great time, i'm not sure the girl the I really like likes me back in that way. I have got no job and no money, a broken guitar string, and I'm at home alone feeling depressed for another 4 days ):
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Decent. I have two awesome bands, good health, and I'm relatively smart. I have money in my pocket and food on the table. Can't complain.
I have a few friends. I know very little women. I don't have a job. School's going OK.

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pretty good, Me and my friends are finally taking our band seriously and i was with my girlfriend last night, but I'm dreading school tomorrow (it's reallly borring) and I really don't want lacrosse to start =( at least its not till spring
Same story as everyone else. Doing decent in college, not too many friends but I have a girlfriend. So life is okay. I'm kind of excited for Christmas.
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Never cared much for it, I don't like the taste. Honey Bunches of Oats is pretty good though.

It's not how life treats you.

It's how you treat life.

Unless you have some kind of severe medical disability, this is true.
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I've been losing interest in school vapidly (and this is that all too important junior year) merely because, and I don't want to sound holier-that-thou, it's dawning on me how much of a daycare it is. I'm not failing by all means, but I don't do the work I should be doing. I've been pining after this one girl, but we've hung out socially but once or twice and I wouldn't want to just ask her out without some pretense. Most of the people I was once close friends with are all splitting up and doing their own thing, finding their own niches while I amble about with almost zero ambition.

On the other hand, in terms of personal self-betterment I've been reading omnivorously, buying lots of albums I had been meaning to get for a long time, learning Icelandic (just for the hell of it ), playing guitar often (though not practicing as long as I should), and writing on a pretty steady basis (notes on Facebook, it's nice to get a response from people you know). I just feel if you ever really want to better yourself, it's sure as hell not going to come from high school. High school is a game; a game whose rules I only have a rudimentary knowledge in and may very well fuck me over at some point.

It's alright, I mean I can't complain, I'm in college to play music, I don't really have many friends there or from high school, but I'll get some, and I'm starting a new relationship with someone that I really have fun with.
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It's not how life treats you.

It's how you treat life.

Unless you have some kind of severe medical disability, this is true.

Holy shit, i need to see a doctor then. Some days i feel much better about myself and the next day i feel like total shit. might be a chemical unbalance. ... ... ...
pretty good. besides tonight when i went to a friend's house for dinner. we sat around and said what we were thankful for (i know thanksgiving is over) and i just said something short and sweet: "Life, Love, and Laughter" (haha) then the conversation went like this:

her mom: "yes she does! she's loved that Pedro kid for 10 years!"
her grandma: "is pedro that one school janitor?"
my friend: "no! pedro's our age, but she also loves the school janitor, scott!"
her sister: "pedro?!? the guy from napoleon dynamite?!"

*sigh* they acted like i wasn't even sitting there.
For a minute there
I lost myself
I recently got a major reminder of how pathetic my mom as, as well as why my first band is doomed to failure.

Still, I guess I'll get over it, or just hold it in and pretend it isn't real like always....
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My biggest problem is that I have no job (though I haven't seriously looked yet), and that I've been single for almost a year, since the only girl I'm interested in beyond anything physical moved to California a few months ago. She's also the only girl I know that's interested in me. 2600 miles is really far.
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Pretty decent, apart from the whole 'getting-sick-after-getting-the-swine-flu-vaccine' thing. It's been messing with my body for some days, but I'll be fine when I wake up... hopefully
right now?
life sucks.
GF left, haven't gotten laid in a month
Got scammed outta 500 bucks so now i have to put buying a car on hold for another month
and i've gained 5 lbs from stupid thanksgiving.
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I think that at the end of the day, everyone just needs someone that loves them.

This. /thread
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Pretty excited! About to move from my home town where i have lived with my family my whole life, to the big smoke on my own!

Gonna give the whole band thing a go, and start going to uni

Can't wait. I'm super excited/scared. ^_^
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Classes are going good, all A's with xmas vacation right around the corner. I have all the things I need so life ain't too bad, but family life is so fuuuuucked up. If only I could be rid of that shit I would probably say life is awesome.
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things have been going pretty good, but now its going down the shit hole again. I thought things would get better, but they haven't

oh well
lifes good for me, eating cereal in the morning going to school then sleeping

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Sorry, but its true.
I've been better...The girl I like is with another guy. Got kicked out of my band like three weeks ago. Worst grades I've ever had....Man...i should be depressed. BUT I'm not im kinda least i still got good friends and i at least talk to the girl i like every day..
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I think that at the end of the day, everyone just needs someone that loves them.

this couldnt be more exact to how im feeling right now
Life's been good. I can't complain, but sometimes I still do.
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other than the fact that i need a job

i can't complain

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Crappily, goddamn school is hard, goddamn girlfriend has broken up with me, goddamn homework is too much, goddamn day is too short. I remember back a month or two ago I was happily in a relationship and always hanging out with people. Now I'd just rather stay at home and play Borderlands.
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Life sucks, just got out of high school, didn't go to college, no job, always at home, and I am very very lonely, I need a girlfriend

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