looks like an amazing jazz guitar. Very nice.
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Thanks everyone for your kind words! I dig it when people say they like what I do! It validates the guitars for me.

I will be going to Premier Guitar Magazine soon for a full review of my guitars. There will be lots of video coverage and audio (I should think) from that visit so stay tuned.

Also, a short film about my story of reinventing myself as a luthier and reinventing the way guitars are made is being put together as we speak. Here is a link to some test footage - it gives a feel of how the finished product will look:


Thanks again everyone!
That's a beauty right there.

Unless its a secret do you mind me asking how exactly you managed the rounded side profile?

Unless that part is solid wood
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You have a walnut stop sign banjo-tar signed by MAB

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Stop Sign Guitar? HELL YES!
Throw those up on a hosting site and let us see easy!

Looks good otherwise!
build 1, finished 1/15/11

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it runs away through my clutching hands.
There's nothing else I can really do...
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For those who are interested I have a couple of links that you can check out.
I'd be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

This is a link to some sample footage of a short documentary that is now being made about my story:

This is a link to a video interview that Premier Guitar Magazine did of me while I was making my debut in Montreal - it's me describing how the guitars go together.