I never tried to replace or mod out a guitar by myself ever but im interested in trying.
I have a Squire by fender delux Hot rails strat (http://www.squierguitars.com/products/search.php?partno=0300510505) and im looking to replace the pick ups with Seymour Duncan Active Blackouts.

Only thing im wondering if this is even possible doing this in this guitar. I know id have to buy a new pick guard to match the new pick ups.

I know this may be a stupid question but like i said never tried to mod out my guitar before by myself and want to make sure i can do this and not waste 200 bucks.
A few things you need to do, one is check the inside cadvity of the guitar to make sure humbuckers will fit, you need at least a HSH configuration or a Blank cutout. Take the pickguard off to check this. Also you need to replace the pots and switch, but the pickups most likely come with these. You should have enough room for one battry, but you might not, so I would reccomend routing a hole through the guitar so you can fit a battry slot in it.

If its not a HSH confige or Blank then you have to have it routed anyway to fit the humbuckers.
If it's a single coil geetar and you wanna fit humbuckers in, you might be able to dremel an area for them to fit.

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also, you might want to upgrade your amp (depending on what it is) before you change pickups, as it might not have any, or little effect on your tone.
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Hey thanks for the help so far guys. I got a HSH config so it should work out.

I only have one last question. Should i go with SD AHB-1 Blackouts or the AHB-2b?

I havnt found many personal opinions on it. And non of my local shops have it in which makes me a little cautious about it. Just wondering if anyone has any experince with both and which one they would suggest.

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EDIT: Forgot to include the new AHB-3 EMTY. Outta those three.
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Anyone? I know The newer models seem to be very rare. Im thinking ill just go with the AHB-3 EMTY blackouts, unless i get told otherwise.