ive been recording shit for a while, but my first time uploading stuff. MY RECORDING EQUIPMENT IS TERRIBLE, if u dont like it buy me a studio.

but in all seriousness, tell me what you think, c4c
The quality of these isnt all that bad to be honest.

Equinox - Your harmonies sound a little off pitch in a few places. Also the "woah-oh" parts in the third minute drag a bit.

Always and Never - the vocal layers are even more off in this one. they sound a little off rhythm too. Theres some clipping at the last vocal line.

A Heart - Im liking what you did with the vocal melodies (over the extended chord in the chorus especially) The intro and ending riffs are really nice

Overall I think you are pretty good with lyrics (you should post them if you care to), and your voice is interesting and unique. It would be nice if you projected a little more though. (diaphragm)

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