i'm gonna be playing with my band at a talent show next week. its my first time playing guitar infront of an audience. we are gonna play the song The Lost Vikings by Dethklok.and im afraid im gonna screw up do u guys have any tips. any advice vould be greatly appriciated, thanks.
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Try not to look at the crowd much and focus on playing.

I played for the first time in front of an audience at school a couple of weeks ago at our Veterans Day program, playing the quite simple "If You're Reading This" by Tim Mcgraw. My hands were shaking like crazy when I first got up there, but after a few seconds I calmed down and played much cleaner. Every time I looked up, my hands would almost freeze up, so i just played and ignored the crowd until the end.

After a little bit in your song, you will feel a lot more comfortable, and don't worry about showing off, that's for future gigs and such when you have more practice.
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It really depends on how you like to play, like back when I was in my -core band that didn't have overly-hard songs for our level, that we felt comfortable with, then I felt good enough to freak the f*ck out on stage, but now in my proggish band, it takes a lot more concentration and less freaking to make everything spotless.

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1) I agree with the people who say to practice.

2) ...
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Just get into it with your band mates, that always makes me forget people are watching.

An extension on this, you don't have to necessarily get into it with the other people, just let the music flow through you. If you concentrate on the music, you'll be less nervous about the people watching.
Jam in front of them before the song. Get comfortable. For me, stage fright lasts the first 30 seconds, and diminishes over time.
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