I'm looking for a new bass rig. I was wondering if any one has played one of these and what was you thoughts . I play mostly classic hard rock , some metal , some blues. I have a Fender deluxe active jazz bass and a deluxe active p bass. I'm also looking at the Peavey TVX 210 and 115 cabs
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I have the vb-2 head and run it with a tvx412(discontinued 4x12) and love it. When i first bought it I couldn't seem to clear the mud out completely but i was using crate cabinets. now with the peavey cab things are much clearer. It is a pretty versatile amp. The resonance knob and presence knob should be used in moderation imo. I also play classic rock(harder stuff mostly but not all), metal, and dabble in blues so I think it'd suit you well. I, and many others, feel that overdriving the clean channel sounds better than using the distortion channel. just make sure you do some research on tube amps before plugging in.

Things you need to know:

Never take a tube amp out of standby without a cabinet connected and the switch set to the correct impedance. It can be on but in standby without a cab connected.

Remember to warm your amp up for a few minutes in standby before playing through it, and put it in standby for a few minutes before turning it completely off. this will help extend tube life.

Preamp tubes last much longer than power tubes. If played hard and frequently power tubes will last 1 year- a few years depending on luck as far as i'm concerned.(I play mine once a week at band practice/gigs and play it pretty hard. Just before it really distorts so that if i use an aggressive style I can get overdrive out of it. The tubes are about 2 - 2 1/2 years old now. the only tubes that blew went out when i blew a fuse in it so I consider that a shlt happens sort of thing. I am thinking about retubing because I seem to be losing clean headroom and that's a sign that the powertubes may go soon.)
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