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Just a short idea I put together, i've been told it's "too Metallica" I was wondering what you guys think, thanks.

It's the only upload on my profile (incase you struggle to find it haha)
i would change the melody up a little bit, b/c i see where it could sound like metallica...keep the same feel just change some notes...AWESOME lead tone though...do you have chorus over it? that sounds almost identical to my lead tone
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yeah the clean part is a bit like the unforgiven, but its not too bad. I disagree with the lead tone comment a bit though, it sounds really processed to me =/...
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the backing track is brutal in my opinion, and i know its probs just some drum simulator, but the beats suck. especially the first one. get more metal drum lines like not fall out boy style...
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Metallica could sue your pants off if you ask me. I thought the chords were a little bit like unforgiven, but then the lead kicked in, and it was unforgiven.
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Thanks guys.

I've been told its similar to Unforgiven, I guess I could change the melody a little bit

And the lead tone is really processed Blackbailed :p Its a preset on my RP350 multi-effects pedal, which I use to record through a USB interface.

Everything you hear comes from my guitar or the pedal, the second drum beat is a preset loop on the pedal and the first beat is me hitting the strings lol
Gah! Metallica copied me man! haha

Guess its what I get for using such generic chords lol. And the melody. I was aware it was similar after I recorded it, I just hoped it wasn't TOO similar. I guess your comments prove that it is too similar though eh. lol
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