Anyone with a 5 string bass care to tell me the fretboard taper?
Ie, the width at the nut, and the width at the end of it.
how many frets, and scale would be nice as well.


Also, if your wondering, i need it for a mockup, and i cant seem to find the info anywhere.
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Oh geeze... Uh when I built my bass I measured up one of my 5 strings at certain intervals then worked out with a system of percentages the width in relation to a wider bridge...

See if you can measure up a bass at the 24th 17th 12th 5th and nut across the fretboard then work it out to match your bridge (I assume you're bulding) from there. It doesn't necessarily matter how many strings the bass has either. From there it's pretty easy to work a relatively comfortable taper out with minimal tweaking.
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