I am an electric guitarist and know nothing about acoustics. Is there such a thing as a nylon string guitar that has some of the features of a modern steel string acoustic? e.g. small(er) neck, 22 frets, big frets ect. It seems to me that while steel string acoustics are very diverse, nylon string acoustics only come in a few variations. So, does such a guitar exist?
i think it might. you might want to checkout godin guitars, i think they make a regular scale nylon guitar.

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To add to this - the wider, thicker neck and fretboard is better for finger picking, and big frets would not be a good thing since you need a great deal of touch playing a nylon string instrument anyways.

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^Exactly. You can't make an acoustic guitar into an electric. They're completely different beasts and people need to realize that.
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