Should I keep the Bogner Ecstasy or trade it for a Soldano SLO or a CAE OD100 Classic+?

Pros of the XTC
-3 USABLE channels
-nice effects loop
-lots of features/switches
-lead channel is very liquidy (reminds me of a Mk IIC+ kinda)
-ridiculously responsive

Cons of the XTC
-not being MIDI capable takes away from the flexibility
-Plexi mode takes over either channel 2 or 3
-There is so much bass and low mids that it can get lost in the mix
-ridiculously responsive
-too much of a modern voicing for my stylings
-kinda hard to get serviced in the US

Pros of the SLO
-cuts through a mix well
-more saturated gain
-military-spec parts
-great midrange gain sounds
-Warren Haynes and Warren DeMartini use them

Cons of the SLO
-sounds kinda harsh until it gets opened up
-clean channel needs the SRV/DeMartini mod to get that blackface sparkle
-heavy as hell
-unmodded, the cleans are kinda sterile
-sort of a one trick pony

Pros of the CAE
-Blackface fender cleans
-Marshall-esque crunch
-SLO style leads
-ridiculously versatile

-at the rate I'm going, Bob Bradshaw will have my first born child

What do you think, UG?
I'd keep the Bogner.... Just based on value, but personally, I think SLOs are awesome.

Bob Bradshaw may have your first born child, but really at this price range, why not go for the best? It might be expensive, but if it gets you what you want why compromise?
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I'm a huge SLO fan, so I vote for that.


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Bump, bump, bump it up!

The thing about CAE is that I have bought so much stuff from Bob Bradshaw in the last year, he is almost on my Christmas card list.