RULES : 1. Post two bands for the next UGer to choose from and state a few reasons why you believe that band is better.

2. This is an all opinion thing, nothing offical is decided here, its just for fun!

3. No outright attacking bands unless they very much deserve it (Brokencyde)

I'll start..

Between the bands Megadeth and Metallica I believe Metallica made some amazing music but in the long run Megadeth made more amazing music (especially the Rust In Peace days) so I would say in turn Megadeth is better then Metallica.

Which band is better?

Judas Priest or Motorhead?
so this is a gigantic vs. thread? read the rules, homie.
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so this is a gigantic vs. thread? read the rules, homie.


Attack attack! or Brokencyde.

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