LOL this is hilarious. The guitar is really low in the mix, but it doesnt take away from what you are trying to do here. You sing ion this style really well, really clear, the layered vox during the choruses sounds great too. If you could just turn up the guitar a little it would be alot more complete sounding.
This could be a jonathan coulton song lol.
I live near Lake Bodom WORSHIP MEEEEEEE

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LOL, for some reason the impression I get from you is like some wacky Frank Zappa of metal pulling pranks at the Grammys and telling crude jokes during interviews.
I imagine this a comedian's song, like Stephen Lynch kind of song, but it's a real nice listen, nothing seems rushed, the guitar is really relaxing, and I would personally imagine this is a song to sing with a group, around a campfire or something. Anyway, nice guitar melody, and nice doubling of the voice, but yeah the guitar needs to be louder indeed, because when the guitar melody is playing, it would be nice to hear it clearly, as it is catchy.

Good job, do you have more of this kind of style?
I like the guitar notes during the verses, and the country voicing of the vocals. The bass harmony is great in the chorus as well. The song lyrics are pretty witty, well thought. I chuckled as well - all round good.
Hahaha, great lyrics, should be a song on UG or something, cause we all really suck at playing .But I agree that the guitar needs to come up in the mix, its really hard to hear over your vocals. Great song writeing as always man.

Thanks for the crit.
lol Cool lyrics man. "It sucks, where did you learn to write?" hahahaha. I like it man
lol prety funny track man i like it and sorry for the long wait on the crit ive jsut been super lazy lately