When I used Twins and AC30s, I had stands. Elevating the amp means the sound hits you in the face rather than the knee caps. As a result, you hear the amp a little differently.
What is the true purpose for these things? Just to elevate your amp??
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well they help you hear your amp better in a live setting. same for the audience, as well.
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I use one of these with my MarkIV which sits on a 2x12 cabinet. Really helps when playing with others so you can cut through, and if you're alone you can position it to where you want to be playing.
Quote by rtmilster
well they help you hear your amp better in a live setting. same for the audience, as well.

When the amp is on the floor, it hits you audience right in the face and can be brutal. When elevated (or when a cab is on its back), the sound kind of goes over their heads; therefore, a cranked amp doesn't seem as excruciatingly loud to the audience.

To the player, you can hear yourself better in the mix since the sound is directed more at your ears. Think of it as a sort of monitor.
^ To that I would only add that raising the amp off the floor will often cause the bass to be a bit tighter and less pronounced.
Thanks for the input guys. I'll be playing mostly in my basement so I think it will benefit me by having a more sound and more tweakability. Cheers. I'll post some pics when I get my Mark V combo and the stand. I have no idea how long that will take.
I use one with my 4x10 Deville and I like it. All it really does is point the sound more at you then straight across. All in all it was worth the $40 bucks I spent on mine.
- Anthony
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I know what I'm building with the tonne of extra wood I have in my garage this weekend.
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