I am finishing high school this year and I am thinking about doing some traveling. I think I want to go to Spain and Italy. Maybe on another trip in the future I will go to Brazil. I have heard many things on the internet and my question is: am I going to get harrassed because I'm an American? I have read in numerous places, including ug, that many people are rude to Americans. Is this true?
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If you've never been to a developing nation, come to Thailand. I'm here for another 3 weeks or so, and it's been awesome. And Americans are welcome. They love white people here lol. They will think you have money though, so be prepared to buy tons of stuff, or turn a lot of people down. The shop owners are very persistent. Cost of living is pretty low too, so you can get a lot of things way cheaper than in the states, as long as you don't want American brands.
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Pretend to be Canadian. =D
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Go to Asia man... generally very interesting people and places.

^And yes... if shit goes bad, hide the passport and act Canadian.

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Go to AFGHANISTAN or IRAG,IRAN or anywhere else in the middle east, they love white people there especially americans

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If you go to Spain, you must go to Ibiza, it's supposed to be crazy! I'm going there in two years. Jamaice, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ireland, England, Vietnam, and Brazil are all cool places too.
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Pretend to be Canadian. =D

Canadians dislike Non-Canadians who do this. But we're too nice to do anything about it.

Have a nice trip TS.
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i've never had a problem with it. i'm sure it varies depending on how you act and treat them, so how's about you help out our a rep a bit and be a nice fellow.

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Go to AFGHANISTAN or IRAG,IRAN or anywhere else in the middle east, they love white people there especially americans

Lol... Irag...
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