So I'm not entirely sure this goes here, but I figured it was better than the electric guitar forum or some more gear oriented forum. Anyway, me and my buddies are starting to play as a band (more seriously than before, beyond just jamming) and I am personally curious: How do you level the playing field in terms of guitar, bass and drums. I mean like volume levels and EQing for each (with the exception of drums, obviously)

We've played together a few times, and I can't figure out if losing the guitar or bass in the mix is the fault of too little to much volume, or improper EQing. What would you suggest each of us boost/cut from our signal so that nobody is lost?

Thanks for any insight.
if u want to hear both guitars that are playing the same thing u shuld eq one for his and hi mids (lead guitar ) and the rhythm for low mids and some bass then u shuld work on levels of the instruments
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it really depends on what kind of guitar tones you are working with and the venue. One thing to bear in mind is that scooping your mids on the guitar does not work at all live. Really you just need to have the sound guy work it out during soundcheck, the main rule is that you want the guitars to be focused i the midrange and the bassist to be focused in the bass/low-mids.
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Do you have a soundman running things through the PA.....or is every man for himself?
That can get bad......everyone turning things up just a notch so the can hear themselves.
Next thing you know.........everything is REALLY loud...even the rats are running out of the joint.
simplest solution: have someone else (live sound guy, friend who's not in the band, etc.) listen to your sound check and tell you what to do. you'll find that, while the guitar or bass or etc may sound way too soft to you, they actually sound correct overall. and turning it up so you can hear yourself/someone else/etc could mean completely overpowering everything.