I have dual emg81 on 2 of my guitars.

I am tired of them.

I need some passives. Just looking for some different tone options. I currently have a Duncan Distortion and 59 on one of my guitars which i am liking. Except id like to try a jazz enstead of the 59 so if anyone wants to trade a jazz for a 59.

Then im open to any combination of pickups, medium to high output.

So 4x EMG81s to trade for passive pickups. If you want to trade for a pair ill include the pots and output jack.
I have a vintage set humbuckers from a 1974 Univox Les paul custom. Tons of tone and very PAF sounding. Not dark Ive hung on to them because they were so nice.
Ok making an update on the things for sale/trade.

59 is pending a trade.

Still up for trade/sell are two emg 81's with vol pot, tone pot and output jack. buy all together for 115. Or willing to trade separately with or without pots for:

Duncan Fullshred Neck

and Dimarzio Air Norton Neck. Must be Trem spaced.
If you want the pots i will be needing 500k pot, 250k pot and output jack for passive pickups along with trade.