I recently visited home from college to find that my house had been broken into and my Gibson SG, Schecter S1, and Fender Jaguar were all stolen. My Strat and Ibanez acoustic were at college so they're safe. I don't have a whole lot of money but I'd like to find a solid guitar with a standard tune-o-matic bridge. Something that can handle heavy stuff like metal, hardcore, etc.

My budget will likely be around $500 but possibly up to $600 or so. Any suggestions as to decent guitars in that price range would be amazing.
why don't you check ebay/craigslitst for an ltd with emg pup's. Esp has some excellent guitars that are very versatile, you should be able to find one in that price range. good ones to look at are the MH 400/401 series, mh 1000. m 1000. Any guitar with a number =< 400 will be made in korea and will be a good guitar (generally, so if you like explorers try to get one that is 400 or above), the ones below 400 are made in indonesia and in my experience aren't that great. the deluxe series are made in japan i believe.

Sorry about your loss man
wow. Sorry to hear that man. That sucks. I hope it works out. As far as suggestions, I see you had a Schecter already, and if you liked that one I would say maybe get another one. They're great guitars, but they dont hold value well. You could probably find a C-1 Hellraiser on Ebay for around 500. As was said, look into LTDs also. 400 series or above.
Wow, I would say that you first try to get them back!
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Wow, I would say that you first try to get them back!

They were stolen some time in September. I've had the police run the serial numbers several times already. It looks like whoever stole them either kept them or sold them under the table because they aren't showing up in any pawn shop databases or local guitar stores.

Does anybody know anything about the Schecter C1 Plus? I was thinking about looking into one of those with a pickup swap for some nice Seymour Duncans. I've also heard that Agile guitars are pretty nice. I'll be sure to check out craigslist too though.