I've been working on justinguitars blues licks.
I can play them at a slower speed, but when I try to speed them up it physically just doesn't happen, its not fast and sloppy it just doesn't happen.

I'd love to be able to get these up to the speed he's playing at, it's not really fast. I can def play some solos at this speed or faster. Maybe it's the use of working diff techniques together.

That's just something that can take years to reach. Focus on dynamics and accuracies in your playing, yet making everything smooth and consistent.
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That's what I've been doing, I guess I'll just keep it slow and speed will come with time. I like how the licks sound now, but the speed def adds some spice to it.
You probly need to play the licks enough times to get comfortable with them. Once they feel comfortable just speed it up until the new level is comfortable. Keep doing this till you've reached the speed you want.
Stop trying to play them faster - that's not going to work. The best you can hope for is that you'll play them faster but sloppy, inaccurately and out of time.

You need to keep playing them slower and focus on playing them accurately and controlled, forget speed completely. What matters is teaching yourself how to play something correctly, and once you can play it correctly work at getting better at it, making your movements more economical, knowing which note you're moving to and which string you're picking in less time, knowing exactly what it's supposed to sound like etc.

Basically if you concentrate on doing things the right way that' will enable you to play faster as your technical abilities improve - speed isn't a skill, just a reflection of your skills, therefore you can't practice it.
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