I'm on a tone search. And i really like the tone Jack Black has in School of Rock at 1:40 of this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGSVpsal7rk&feature=related I have a Spider III and an Epi Les Paul (not and SG) so obviously i can't get the exact tone here, but I'm just looking for somthing similar. So does anyone have any idea aprox. where to set my Lows, highs, and mids?

I don't think the guitar matters as much as the amp might. I don't know what the setting would be but it sounds like the neck pickup. Try putting everything at 5 then boost your mids some and go from there.
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it has the same tone from back in black by ac/dc try getting the tone for that i pretty sure its almost the same
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i'd say, keep the mid's high, and the treble and the bass somewhere around the 6 range. or just pull an angus young and put everything to 10.