i have been looking for a new amp lately, i fell into the trap of buyin a line 6 spider III..... (damn you guitar center) since x-mas is coming, and i hope i get some money. im decideing on buying a new amp plus some fx pedals.

im hoping to keep it 450 dollars and lower

i play pretty much play mostly anything Metal to Jazz
but im looking for an amp that has a great metal and rock kind of sound, but when i go to a clean settin with a pedal its great too.

i was looking at some Mesa amps, and some Peavy ones. but im newer to the amp/accessories qualities.

as for pedals what kind of pedal would i buy to switch from distortion to clean?
and what are some Echo/Delay Pedals as well

thanks for your help!!!!

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Its nigh unlikely you'll be able to get a Mesa at $450.
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B52 at112?
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ill take a look at the Handsome Devil, and B52 amps

what do you guys think of Peavy 5150 or the newer one, i forgot the name like 6550? (though there the same thing)

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^You wont be able to buy a Peavey 6505 for $450, I would also recommend the Blackheart, OR you could have a look at the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60
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