Hey all, what fingering would you recommend for the following sweep pattern?


Ive been playing it: Pinky, Index, Middle, Ring Finger, Middle, Ring Finger, Index
Same thing in reverse for going back up.

This seems to be alright but I'm finding this sweep to be much harder than other ones to get up to speed and clean.

What fingering would you guys recommend using?
Pinky, Pointer, Middle, Ring Finger, Ring Finger again, Pinky, Pointer.
Same thing in reverse for going back up.

You have to roll your ring finger.
It actually kinda helps because when you roll off the other 14, you mute the other one, so it doesn't ring.
it takes practice, but you'll get it.
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I would use my ring finger, then index, middle, roll my
ring finger, then on the a string, ring, index, ring. Then
I'd bring it all back home.