I'm looking to get a variety of tones from my ac4tv without changing the volume. Mainly due to people complaining. I enjoy blues, classic rock, and once in a while something a little heavier, no metal. I've been told a Vox over the top would be a great pedal. What do you suggest?
I heard the vox satchuratorbthe other day and wow did that sound good.

Maybe shoot for a digitech bad monkey or ibanez tubescreamer.
Sounds like you need a boost mainly, and distortion as a sometimes?
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The OTT will give you more of the vox tone, which is cool but not what you want, from the sound of it.

It sounds like you need something a bit more marshally, maybe a Zvex box of rock. A way huge pork loin would sound pretty good with that amp too I think.

What's your budget?
I would second the BoR suggestion.

I personally think that tubescreamers sound rank with any amp that is not a Fender BF.
I'll second the Catalinbread DLS and Zvex BoR, there's plenty of other "Marshall in a box" pedals as well. Both pedals I've been considering to pair with my Vox. They'll give you a good bit of gain and a slightly different tone for versatility.
I'm getting this amp for christmas along with the Dunlop Fuzz Face. My brothers giving me his cry baby wah. I like that same style as you so thats what i could recommend. Maybe a better fuzz pedal but i like the fuzz face because its what Hendrix my favorite guitarist used.
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The current Dunlop fuzz face isn't like Jimi's fuzz at all.

its not? I thought thats what he used. I'm not talking about the Hendrix one either, i'm talking about the original.