Hey guys, I'm looking into buying a guitar in the AU$1000 to $1500 and I have narrowed my search down to a couple of guitars. They are:

Ibanez RG350DX
Ibanez RG420CM
Jackson Dinky DK2

I've had a look through all the reviews and the majority of the time people are saying that they are all pretty good guitars with very few flaws. Just wondering if anyone here had any opinions on them, thanks.
Few quick questions. What style of music do you play? What amp are you using? Tremolo or Fixed Bridge? Any pickup preference (brand, actives, passives, etc.)? Body style preference (V, strat, super strat (rg))?

From what you showed, I'd recommend either the RG3550MZ Prestige or SLS3 Soloist. The Prestige has a tremolo, and H-S-H setup. The Soloist has a fixed bridge, H-H setup, and a thinner body to it. Both great guitars.
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I mainly play metal, and a lot of solo work, but I do also play a lot of Rock, and in the near future a lot of jazz and clean music.
My amp at home is a Peavey Rage 258 but the one that I use at school (which is the one I use for live performances) is a Roland Cube 80-X.
I'd rather have some sort of tremolo system. Whether it be FR or just a floating one, as long as it does not go out of tune with dive bombs and heavy use.
Pickups I'm not too familiar with, I've heard the active ones sound better. I'm not too fussed though.
The same sort of style as the RG, (superstrat/strat sort of style).
I would also prefer a 7 string with some form of tremolo but they are a bit expensive.

I'll certainly look into the SLS3 soloist, but the RG3550MZ Prestige is way too much for what I can afford. My main 3 guitar idols (Satch, Vai and Petrucci) either use Ibanez or have used them so I'm leaning towards them for personal reasons too. I've just heard there's a few issues with the FR on the RG series.
damn, I musta done the au to us conversion wrong then. You could always look into the Jackson DKMGT. Runs $679-899 US range, fixed bridge though. The jackson SL3 soloist has a floyd rose trem, I believe its an official, not licensed. My jacksons' got a licensed though and they're pretty solid, havent had any probs with mine. I've played the SL1 and heard it in much more capable hands, handles cleans and facemelting-shit beautifully. Very impressive guitars. The SL1 is very similar to the SL3, and the SL3 runs $1,150 to 1,300.
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Great list Rutch. On re-reading this one I'd have to say Solid State means not liquid or gas.

I figured it out.
Mate for that much you could get an Ibanez RG1570 prestige. I'd highly recommend it over the Ibanez's you're currently looking at. It's made with better quality and hardware.