the reason why I am asking is because many guitars, and I'm not talking about the inexpensive ones, I'm talking about ones that reach into the 500-700 dollars and sometimes above, are most of the time made of laminate back a sides. and 500-700 is no easy money!!

In my experience I'd say 85% (or more) of the ones I've seen, are. what gives? is it because it doesn't play a role in the quality of the sound?
the more a company pays for labor, the more their guitars cost to make, so that can mean more expensive guitars with laminate back and sides. i'd say sides don't play too much part, but the backs can make a real difference, although definitely not as much as the top.

that being said, i notice that some companies - seagull, taylor, martin are 3 examples - seem to make better laminate backs and sides than others. i suppose part of that is the pressure used to make the laminate. the higher the pressure, the less space and glue between the layers, and that means better sound unless you overcompress the wood. they probably also use better quality woods in the layers. one thing for sure - all laminate back and sides guitars are NOT alike!
I see.

I don't know why but I feel cheated, or like I didn't get a good product, when I pay a lot of money only to get solid top, and laminate back and sides. :P

and yeah I agree about that last bit. I've seen laminate guitars that sound amazing, and other that do not.
my Seagull Portrait Acoustic has laminated sides. mahogany/maple/mahogany. solid back and top. i definitely think the back and sides play a big part, and i think Seagull takes some extreme care with their laminates. i think the mahogany/maple/mahogany is more for sound and strength than it is for saving money. could be wrong though. either way it sounds great!

but patticake pretty well said it how it is; brand names cost more. kind of the same reason as to why a signature guitar will cost more, even when it has the same features as a regular production model. names cost money. two brands that i think have avoided this so far would be seagull and the epiphone masterbuilt series. i've seen both played by preforming musicians, but haven't seen a big increase in price for signature models, or lacking QC or features.

some of the worst with this would be martin and gibson. i don't think gibson makes all laminate models, but martin definitely does. i've even heard stories about their lowest end model falling apart in the rain because the lamination was so poor haha not sure if thats true, but it's scary to think about.
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main reason why I'm not really attracted to Martins, Gibsons and the likes.

I have an acoustic that's fine. but I've been hunting for a much better one to buy around mid-December. And the seagulls and Epiphone Masterbilt series are looking better and better the more I think about it.
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i've even heard stories about their lowest end model falling apart in the rain because the lamination was so poor haha not sure if thats true, but it's scary to think about.

Not to be a stickler, but most guitars would fall apart in the rain. Laminated or non. It doesn't really speak to the quality of the guitar.

I like a wooden back and sides because they feel good.
I completely agree that Seagull makes some of the best laminates around.

Now then, yes, the back and sides do make a difference in the tone, but not as much as the top. Typically the $500-$750 guitars with lam back/sides have a high-quality top, and high-quality laminates on the back/sides, as well as more refined, hands-on labor involved in their production. There are some all-solid guitars in the price range, but their wood quality and build quality won't be as good as those with lam back/sides (typically. Not in all cases though.)
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