Im looking into getting my girlfriend a beginner amp for her first guitar, which is one of those Fender starcasters. I'm looking a amp for like 100$ usd, solid state since it's a first. type of sound would be good cleans, blues, rock, nothing heavey like metal.

I saw a Peavey vypyr 15 and a raven rg20 that look like they could be good.

If anyone has some knowledge on these or any other recomndations that fit what im looking for that would be cool.

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theyre both good to start with and can do those tones well,
except the vypyr would have more effects if it matters to you so she wont have t buy all the pedals
peavey vypyr 30
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Not familiar with Raven's but the Peavey Vypyr 15 is a good starter amp.
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Dont know if you made your choice yet or not but my cousin has the vypyr 30 which is the 15's bigger brother and I have the rg20 and mine keeps up with his, at least in sound volume and tone (he hates it because his was $100 more) his does have more features but it also has that digital sound more like the line 6 products of the same wattage and his hisses and hums more than mine at higher volumes! I think the rg20 has more of a crisp, clean tube sound to it which I prefer (everybodys has there own opinion) and some of those features the vypyr offers are really junk and you'll probably find yourself not using them, so why pay for them? the distortion is also better on the rg, but niether one great, which ever one you choose you'll need a pedal!!
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