Basically, how do I change the time signature of one or a few bars to 3/4? I've tried selecting a bar and going Create > Time signature > 3/4, but it does so from that bar until the end of the piece.
Can anyone help me please??
I think you select a time signatures in certain parts when you create a new project. I'm not positive, I haven't used it for at least a year.
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At the point where you would like to switch to another time or key signature, just create that signature at the beginning of the new measure.

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If you have a whole piece in 4/4, and want one bar to be 3/4, then select the bar AFTER the 3/4 bar and make it 4/4.
Then go back to the bar you want in 3/4, and do what you said you did in your original post. Should work.