Hello people,

I just got my A&L Folk Cedar guitar. Do you know what strings do they come with?

I bought a folk because i'll mostly practice fingerstyle blues and been practicing up til now on a classical. I know folks are obviously not as bassy as dreadnoughts, but i'd like a heavier bass when i play alternating bass. The current strings sound too bright, especially when strummed.

Can you recommend me some strings with a bassier sound for this guitar, considering its folk size and cedar top?

(What about Silk & Steel strings?)
martin silk and steels were exactly what i was about to post. i don't know if they exactly add more bass, but they cut the brightness and add warmth. my seagull parlor was too brash wen i got it, but the silk and steels made a large improvement so now it sounds very nice
Thanks for your answer Patticake. (i'm pretty new around here but you seem to always be eager to answer questions, so keep up the good work:P)

I just checked on the A&L website, and apparently all their guitars are delivered with Godin A6 LT Phosphor Bronze Light strings (.012,.016,.024,.032,.042,.053), which i think are more on the bright side. They don't feel smooth at all and my fingers lag on them, but maybe this is normal because i've been playing nylon until now.

It seems Martin Silk & Steel are a nice recommendation, they come in two models: Normal and Marquis. What is the difference here? There are also D'Addario Silk & Steel strings. Do you prefer the Martins over the D'Addarios?

Any other recommendations for not so bright, bassier sound on this guitar?
john pearce 80/20s go warm after they are broken in. as for whether or not they are bassy, i'm not entirely sure as it was a while ago since i've played with them.

I really like DR pre-alloy phosphor bronze. these might also be a good option for you as they definitely add bass to my 000 guitar.
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I put on the Martin Marquis Silk&Steel on and i definitely notice improvement, it's great.

Maybe i'm imagining it, but i think the bass strings are louder now, i think i had to pick the original Godin phosphor bronze strings a lot harder to get the same volume. I think it sounds more balanced now, i like it.

I'll stick with the Martins for now, thanks for the recommendation.