Hi, my name is Jorah, and I've been playing drums for about 8 years now. I recently moved into Newburgh and am looking for a band. I'm really into bands like Mastodon, Opeth, Rush, Dream Theater, and Between the Buried and Me, but I'm cool with playing almost any type of music as long as its creative. I'm not so much a cover guy, but I can do it. The more progressive, the better. If not, thats cool too.

I can provide my own transport with my kit to and from practices, gigs, and the whatnot due to my big manly MAN MOBILE...a silver 2006 pontiac vibe.

If you're interested send me a PM (or if you're ever in the Newburgh Walmart, you may see me standing behind a cash register). Hopefully we can work something out or jam for bit.

Thanks for reading.
whoa I used to live there...haha. I don't anymore and I'm not a drummer, but good luck with your band. Progressive rules.