I'm looking for any advice on what electric to buy, which would be my first electric. My budget is at most $800. I play pop punk to metalcore/hardcore, and I live in Florida. I've already been playing an acoustic Gibson Dove for a long while.
I'd suggest getting something pretty versatile in this case. Go for an Ibanez RG/S or a Schecter of sorts.


Browse the site and see if anything tickles your fancy.

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Highly recommend a Hagstrom. Especially a vintage super swede. I payed $800 Australian for mine and i love it. Super versatile and awesome action. IMO one of the best guitars available in your budget.

Check out the UG reviews for them:

(The super swede and swede are now known as vintage super swede and swede - just to avoid any confusion)
More information.

What type of bridge?
What type of neck joint?
How many frets?
What pickup layout?
What woods used?
Anything else you need?

Though for a first electric guitar you should definitely check out the Fender MIM Fat Strat. It goes for around $550.