The trade: My pretty mint'y Peavey XXX Super 40 EFX 112 combo (the discontinued model with effects) for his slighty beat up (but 100% functional) Peavey 5150 212 combo

What I would gain:
Br00talz tone?
20 more watts
Closed back
More headroom

What I would lose:
Active, seperate channel EQ
9 effects (but I do have a Pod X3 live I use for effects)
Tube-versatility (switchable 6l6 - EL34)
Open back

It would be a lie to say cleans are very important for me as I play distorted 80% of the time.
I personally wouldn't do it since your giving up so much and really only gaining a marginally improved gain channel.

Plus have you tried moving one of those thing around, it's like a minivan without wheels.
if you don't use cleans much....ehh....tough call really. I would personally keep the XXX...but thats only because I need the cleans.
Your best bet is to save up for a 6505+/5150 II if you like their tone. They can be had for $550-$750 depending on condition.
I'd personally keep the XXX, but i love those amps :P
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Keep the XXx, I have the same one as you minus the effects and I love it way better than the 6505 combo I played.
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Not a big fan of the XXX... then again not a big fan of the 5150 combo... but I'd probably go for the 5150 just because it's closed-back. I can't stand open back cabs; plus the cleans on 5150s aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be, people just like to over exaggerate on this site.
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