Narrowed down my search for a stack at last to either, Line 6 HD 100 or the Bugera 333xl. What do people think will be better. Primarily a metal man, but would like sum degree of variability for other genres too. My own tone is a kinda mustaine type 80s thrash sound with sum delay or reverb. Will be used for gigging but also for practice at home. Which is reccommended for me?

It's a peavey xxx clone.
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If you want modelling, go for the HD100 and the SVPre mod.

If you want pure t00b goodness... the Bugera's pretty good. The amp it's based off is a pretty versatile amp (as far as metal voiced amps go).
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It's a peavey xxx clone.
I thought the 333xl is a JSX clone, and the 333 is a XXX clone?
i see i see. Guess i can get pedals for affects if need be like every1 else has to :P x
Having owned a 333XL and played a Line 6 HD100 at my local shop I can confidently say that the 333XL is miles better. AND it's cheaper!

Make sure you buy one made in 09 and try putting some nice tubes put in it, the tone will improve further.
I would chose the Bugera. The Line 6 isn't a bad amp but I like the distortion on the 333XL.

But you could get more 'value for money' if you chose a combo...Just throwing that out there.

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wow seems like its bugera hands down. Thanks a lot for ur help guys, tough here in the uk cos not many music shops so nt much oppurtunity to try out these things. So reli do have to rely on opinions! Thanks a load.