My toneport UX1 died, and I've been having to plug my guitar into a crappy noisy hissy crackling muddy soundcard for awhile and it's driving me INSANE. So I need a new audio interface. Is the Lexicon Alpha good enough?


It's $80 at MF, but B&H is having a sale, so I can get it for about $63.

I've already got a mic preamp with phantom, so that's not needed, and I'll be using it just for guitar/bass.
It has it's pros and cons....just like any other low budget interface however I think this unit is just about the same as the Toneport UX1

And yea take advantage of the sale at B&H. I just was there this weekend, (NY Store) talking to the head managers and getting behind the scenes info and they were saying this is the first time in a long time that they were cutting prices and it's only because the suppliers were putting the idea out there and lowering the prices.

B&H has the best deals around there IMO
They say they cant lower prices because usually they are already too low.
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