So i have a Boss V-Wah pedal, and a digitech rp-70 multieffects pedal. I dont have expression pedal for the multieffects, and i thought i could use my wah pedal as an expression pedal since it works with the same method as far as i know. so yesterday i plugged my wah pedal to the multieffect pedal through the "Control In" jack, the pedal recognised i had plugged something in it but nothing seemed to happen as i stepped on the wah pedal, no delay change, no volume change, no nothing.

so my question is, did i do something wrong, or it just cant be solved technically???

thanks for any replies in advance
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A wah pedal just is no expression pedal, because it has it's own effect already built in.

It's like you use the wrong key for a door. You might manage it to get into the lock, but it won't unlock the door.
but i connect it to the multieffect pedal throug the control in jack, it shouldn't care about the effects on the wah, and also it doesnt since the sounds doesnt change at all. i need a stronger explanation, though u might be right
A wah pedal is simply not electronically designed to be used as an expression pedal. It's not going to work.
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