guys, am going to get all solid wood guitar, really keen into martin as i'm into their all mahogany depp dark souding guitar, the D15 exactly, then found out that their current line has one series as well which suppose to b all solid wood guitar as well, wondering any one tried their latest D one series dreadnought guitar??

or any D-15 martin acoustic owners?? appreciate feedback of y'all, thanks
I haven't had the chance to try the 1's yet, but they look very promising on paper, to say the least. You can get one for about $700USD or so?

I have tried the D-15 though. It has a very distinct dark tone that people either love or hate because of the sapele/mahogany(depending on if you get a newer or older model) body. Like you, I'm a fan of the tone.

Definitely try them both out before you make any decision. Also, play them for at least an hour or two each. Its the only way you'll really know if it's right for you.
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im looking to buy a martin 000-15 after christmas. It looks amazinggg going to try out a few others in that price range before i decide though... as for the D one series i couldnt help you im afraid
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I played one the other day and I loved it.

EDIT the D1
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guys, thx for the feedback, will definitely try out and then decide, however i'm leaning more towards the D1 after did a bit of research.