So today a received a textbook e-mail from a scammer. I kind of want a way to get him back (Powerbook story esque). I need UG to help me think of something totally epic. up for sale was a twin tube mayhem and a boss ps-5 on craigslist. maybe i could send a fake one of those? or would that be lame and overdone.
Quote by scammer
Good day Seller,

I am So Much interested in the immediate purchase of your for sale item on craigslist,I reside 926 HWY 125 SHarrison AR 72601, and I will be responsible for the shipment of the item from your location. Shipping company will come for the pickup of the item in your location . The shipment funds will be added to your payment with the compensation of $40 for you to hold the item for me and not to sell it out . Once the check delivered, you deduct the item fees, and the rest funds will be sent to the shipping company agent . The payment for your item will be inform of US Cashier's Check. If you are okay with this reliable, acceptable and best method of payment, kindly send in the Your full name , with your contact address information ,I mean the address you will like the check to deliver to, as well as your cell and home number.I wanna make an offer .Kindly get back to me with the present pictures of the item . I want you to consider the item as sold.

I'm only willing to issue the check to you next week, and will be mail out to you by next week Wednesday, because i need to start my sport this weekend, But i promise am gonna mail it out to your address first thing next week Wednesday morning, and deliver to you the next day, probably next Thursday morning or the next day, If there is no delay from the courier .Kindly delete the ads from the site rightnow and let me know, because i don't want any other buyer to get it away from me, have been searching for this particular item for a long time. Let me have your mailing contact address information for mailing of check, such as :

Contact Address (not pobox):
State/Zip code:
Phone Number:
Final asking Price:
Mr cashman
A lot of times those are automated messages, aka bots. Don't waste your time, just move on.
take a dump in his purse.
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...His last name might actually be Cashman.
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he listed his name as cashman michael and this guys speaks god awful english. srsly tho i thought ug would know more about a txt book scam
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E-mail him back with something as a personal question and wait for the reply I`d advise..

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Oh good, you got my e-mail.
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"If you are okay with this reliable, acceptable and best method of payment"

Overkill there
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