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That time of year is coming again and I feel like treating myself. However I'm unsure of what to get. I'm between getting a new guitar or new pickups for my bass.

Currently I have a left handed Ibanez with a floating bridge which, of course, causes problems if you want to change tunings. Also, I quite like the idea of getting a different 'style' guitar like a strat. Or something with single coils at least. I was quite liking the Fender Mexican Strats.

I also have a pretty low end bass. I like how it looks and plays but the sound is lacking which I think is largely down to the cheap stock pickups so I'd quite like to replace those as well.

I haven't got loads to spend and I'm quite limited guitar wise because I'm left handed. All in all it's simply...

Fender Strat or some good bass pickups?
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There are indeed not a whole bunch of left-hand guitars. Ofcourse you can find a Mexican Strat lefthanded, but there`s not as much choice as right-handed. And on the right site you probably can find loads of good bass-pick-ups. But it`s what you use more and what bothers you most.If you play more bass but your Ibanez floating bridge and non-versability annoys you more then why not buy a new guitar? But the sound of a bass/guitar is a combination of your amp, wood and pick-ups I thought.

Oh and btw. Keep the size a bit more down next won`t you :tooth:
id go with a smaller font size first, it will pi$$ off less people

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Oh man, it is a bit big. I really should have previewed that first. Sorry buddy.

Well with the Ibanez I figured I can just block the bridge for tuning. I guess it's more the sound of a strat I'd like to have as well.

As for the bass pickups, they'd be about half the price of the Strat which kind of sways me towards them a bit.

I think I need to go have another play on the strat before I make this decision.