Hey guys, I wrote a new song called Bob.

I recorded it with Riffworks T4 that came with Line 6, so rests or breaking points are not really here, and as such, some things sound dull, but youll get the overall impression.

Also, some drum parts couldn't be changed to my taste, but the main idea is there.

Anyway, here's the link:
Sounds a bit funky with some hard-rock metal. Maybe instead of the sharp overdrive a bit smoother distortion or overdrive? That break at -:54 is damn well! But maybe the distortion a bit louder. And maybe try to play that clean lead part around 1:25 smoother with bends slides and stuff. The rythm guitar under repetitive that hard-rock riff is a bit vague. Try to get it more solid if you know what I mean. The sound of the guitar @ 2:40 is actually well-suited I think. If you record it with better stuff the break at 3:26 would come more alive.
My last tip is to practice the outro-solo a bit more. At the beginning your technique isn`t really good.
Your drums are a little to low in your mix, and the solo at the end is a little too loud, but other than that this is a decent recording.
Your harmonies are pretty cool, very soothing/pleasant. Your playing is not as on-time as it could be; i hear alot of less than perfect timing in the fills and bridges. The way it gets heaver duriong the last 2:00 is well composed, very convincing. This track also ends REALLY abruptly, a few more bars with some resolution of the rhythm chords would be in order. If you can sing you should definetly put some nice clear pop vocals in this.

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