Can any one provide me some information on this guitar?

I dont know nothing about it, is it acoustic,classic, gitane.. i got it from a friend as a gift. Ther is no mark, or stamp on the guitar, it is very old. If anyone knows anythig about this, i would be greatefull. ther is only a litle leter "k" on the metal part wich holds the strings
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Well its really a classical guitar, looks really old too. Nothing more to say.Also that's a really strange shape.
ok, we are making some progress. thanks. Does anybody knows who could make that guitar? does it have some brand or something? is it handmade? i know it is a little difficult to say by looking just at the picture, but if anyone has seen something similar, pleas let me know. thank Venis. but i have never seen a classical guitar with a cut out.
More like this harp guitar...

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