Ok i've been faced with a tough decision, one that i can't make for myself. I found this ad yesterday :


immediately i thought i would offer to trade my twin reverb reissue for it, so i did. Now im having second thoughts and i need answers to these questions:

1. is this a fair deal?
2. i worry because the amp is silverface, which i have heard mixed reviews about. i know they generally aren't as good as the blackface amps but would it still be an upgrade from my reissue?
I see the Twin Reverb RI go for like, 900 bucks here (and here = very crappy priced place)

Seeing as how he's selling for 1500, you'd defiantly be taking a step up marketing wise.

As for tone, i'm not super sure on Fender amps, the one's i tried (Twin Reverb and Princeton) wasn't really my ideal amp...
i know purely money-wise this is a good deal, but a guitar amp isn't just an investment lol

has anyone actually played the pro reverb before?