Hi I wondered if there was any sites where I could buy plectrums in bulk (preferably around 50 - 100). I've tried places like ebay but all I can seem to find is a random mix of thicknesses which is no good.

The reason for this is because I loose them all around the house all the time and buying them for 50p at the guitar shop is just too exspensive.

Suggestions please?

you can buy as many as you want, customize, and the prices are good.
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I ordered 100 catcus picks from an ebay seller. It came with 3 gauges but were only labeled as light medium and heavey, and the light was prety thick. I love the way they feel.
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If you want some great picks, get Dunlop Tortex's or those Paul Gilbert ones by Ibanez. Just thought I'd throw that in there.
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i got 50 picks for about £5 off ebay

...then decided i prefer Jazz 3s like the rest of UG
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Ive bought fender .88mm in bulk off MF before much better price then buying by the dozen at a music store. Not all brands will do the bulk thing tho. As they make signifigantly more selling in smaller batches.