I tried one of those on the shop when i was looking for a steel-string acoustic to switch from classical. They look impressive and the small AEG body felt comfortable, but I only tried it unplugged and the sound was horribly weak.

I started a thread here and people convinced me to get a pure acoustic with a solid top instead. Since i would basically never play plugged and the cutaway wasn't that important, i followed that advice. Ibanez acoustics seem to not be very popular around here anyway, especially at that price range.

At those price ranges everybody recommended the Seagulls, but they were about 100 euro out of my budget so I ended up getting the A&L Folk Cedar for 319 euros.
Thanks for the reply dude.

I was also thinking about a Fender T-bucket 300.

Anyone have good reccomendations? The highest i can go is £300.

i'd stay away from those electric guitar companies because they can't build acoustic guitars as well as other competitors.

i don't know what is in the UK, but options i would normally say are seagull, yamaha, alvarez, takamine, and whatever else.

between those 4 brands, i recommend them in the order i listed them.

of course, if you've already tried the guitars and like them, then by all means go for it.
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