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it's here. One vote; top one through from this group, plus tie/s.


... and there's a flutter where my mind once was.
A chill racks my bones,
indistinguishable from the
shakes and rustles of my nervous tongue,
beating its way through the bushes of
lost lungs and cold shoulders.

I've coughed my way through love songs;
I've whispered sweet nothings
only to have the moisture on my voice
freeze over your ear drums;
and shatter you into deafness.

I've never had the patience to learn
another language, let alone
finger dancing through sentences
about undying love that I probably
will never feel again.

God, I miss you.
I'll always despise winter
for taking you away.
I know, I know...
you still lie next to me,
every morning when I wake up.
For that brief moment, I almost
forget the car accident that
shattered you.
I almost forget the black ice that
ripped you from my breast.
I almost forgive old man winter
for striking you deaf and dumb.

lying lightly on the bed - wrapped up with a
teddy bear, hair soft to the touch,
an aura of perfume and musk;

hands straddling a pillow, eyes buried deep
in the fuzz - chest pushed hard into the mattress -
and warbling a verse for the fuss;

legs hairy, feet large and looming from the
bottom of the covers - a large hump of butt
sticking up into the sky, about half-way up

the length. this all still, and yet still thinking of her
thinking of him, thinking of her thinking he's cold,

thinking he's cold.

we'd spend every winter evening drinking autumn ales
at the pub down the end of the village,
then fill every winter day in college
filling dehydrated throats with spliff smoke.
we'd walk back with heads low,
hoods up and wearing headphones,
over to somewhere for mince pies, mulled wine and fruit loaf,
cups of sweet tea, gas fires and toast
and I'd always get home with rain battering windows
and trees scattered across the roads from gale-force winds
but hot water bottles and blankets would keep me comfy in bed
and I'd surround myself with books and forget about everything

right now it's just cold, and I have a cold
and I have two aching arms because I'm told if I don't get vaccines by next year I'll be dead or something.
And it's mother****ing raining
and flooding
and I can't feel the central heating
and my head hurts
and it's half past ten in the evening
and I'm going to bed.
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My comp my rules :P

Because out of three you should (and will) pick one and one only. Ties will make it through on this as well.