Hi, I've been playing the guitar for a few years but only seriously in the past few weeks or so. I'm currently trying to learn this song, which is played at 153 BPM. However, I can only play it (With a pick) at 100 BPM. I've tried to learn fingerpicking for it but my fingers refuse to pick faster than around 100 BPM. Should I continue learning fingerpicking or is another technique better?

The general problem I have is the fast 3 note arpeggios (I believe?) that are played at the beginning. They seem like a good way to practice fast picking to me.
fingerpicking will defently be alot easier especialy with some of the bigger string skips but trying to play it with a pick will defently inprove your picking

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Fingerpickings a must if you want to broaden your horizons and speed up your playing
if your not quite getting it then i suggest learning some tunes like
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or blackbird
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definitely learn fingerpicking, whether it's necessary for this song or not. It makes alot of stuff easier, and it gives a nice soft sound that's hard to get with a pick.
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Thanks guys, I thought fingerpicking was the best option but just needed to double check.

At the moment I can only play at 100 BPMish but hopefully I'll be able to work that up by 53 BPM, thanks for the help.