She opened up a rock and roll station
But then she was forced to evacuate
The cops said she was rocking too hard
That she purposely burn her neighbor’s yard
Now, she’s hang banging behind bars
With all the famous has-beens

They have destroyed her dreams (4x)

I was going to start a cultural revolution
But it turned out to be only noise pollution
The fans said I’ve completely sold out
With a voice that can’t even engage a shout
Now, I’m rocking in a local bar
Covering songs of famous has-beens

We have destroyed my dreams (4x)

Fame has brought bad habits of pleasures
And you believed you can live forever
Your friends say you’re heading downhill
Since you prescribed yourself with colorful pills
Now, you’re smoking at a small café
Writing music for famous has-beens

You have destroyed your dreams (4x)
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