Hey, I play metal so I really need a good noise gate and I've decided to get the ISP Decimator G String because you can run it through the input and effects loop. The only problem is that I want to keep my playing space clean (this will be my only pedal) and I'll need and adapter and 3 cables for one little pedal. I used to have the normal ISP Decimator and I just set it on top of my amp and used 2 short cables to run it through my effects loops. Also, the spots where you plug the cables in are set up very awkward on the Decimator G string so all my cables will be crossing and it'll be a big mess for 1 pedal.

Anyways, can anyone recommend a way to get rid of the mess? Or recommend me so good cables that are very small and flexible so all the criss-crossing won't matter. Thanks!
Very expensive option.. Rack !

My G-string is out of sight in a rack drawer, never have to mess with it.

You can try to zip tie everything and put it in a premade position, kind of annoying though