At the moment I have a Squier Fender Strat. Its cheap around £50-70 or so.
It came with a training amp which is also a small fender 15w amp.

Should i buy a Vintage V100 or shall i buy a Roland Cube 15x?
What would make the biggest change in sound?
I am aiming for a blues rock sound?
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A better amp will give you the most change to your sound.
Cheap guitar + cheap amp = what you now have.
Better guitar + cheap amp = not a heck of alot of difference.
Cheap guitar + better amp = smiles all around.
You will find that your cheap guitar will sound totally diff to your ears. Because of that you will find new joy in your current guitar and may decide that you don't need to change it either. If you do, atleast you will have a decent amp to play thru while you save money for your new guitar.
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