This is an old song I wrote that was a complete failuar, and I couldent figure out why, I thought it was because I couldent play at 140bpm, but it turns out the drum track was off by 5 miliseconds from the guitar track. Now its all in time(mostly) and I have given it a new life. I think this is the heavist tone I have ever gotten. Its in drop A# and I played it using .10 standard guage strings.

Also, I think this is the best lead/harmonizing guitar work I have ever done, I must of been on crack when I wrote it. Theres also a little simple solo at the end.

What do ya'll think of it now?
hey man thanks for checkin my music out and pointing out some stuff

well tbh im not deeply into metal but i can tell you that falling has this black metal feel and the drum track is really great you did a perfect job on that

i think melody should have more treble and faster picking so that it can sound more heavy
but overall good job man, find a band really your music would be great to play on

if gritty was your goal, you got it!
i haven't got a subwoofer around right now but the guitar sounds really gritty, thats the only word which could describe it.

for the song, i have to say a little more complexity in the leadwork would be greatly appreciated and a new drumsound library (the cymbals are horrendous at places)

and thanks for critting my song!

wish you the best
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Thanks for the responses guys. I'm suprised that this got such good crit. The tone is very gritty isent it. At least I acomplised my goal of makeing my crappy gear sound enough like metal gear. The cymbols, yeah, need to work on those, I dont know where to find good ones. The chours is actually my favorite part. I think it is harmonizing guitar, since if it was lead it would of most likely sucked ass.

I crited all of ya'll.
This is excellent work. A very polished sounding recording. I love the drums and guitars around the 2 min mark, the guitar tone sounds excellent throughout. The solo at the end was a little short but I really enjoyed it. Like you say the harmony parts rule man top work. Just one problem is the cymbal sounds a little wrong for the song, but thats a very small critisim. Went on to listen to some of your other work. Theres a nice mix of genre's man, keep up the good work. Would love your opinion on some of my new songs, the first 6 on my profile.


By the way how did you get all your songs onto your profile page, I can only get 10?

Thanks man cyberslunk.
Thanks for the crit.

I really like your tone on this. The guitar riffs sound good. The drumming sounds alright except for that one cymbal sounds like shit haha.

Keep the guitaring up and it will only get better. You've got a good songwriting ability. Not just riffs thrown together which i like. Flows nicely.

Keep it up dude.