I got an input jack today and want to wire my bass staight to output.

The jack is stereo. so i ignored the bit which sits on the shaft of the plug and wired the white wire to the tip and the black wire to the ground lug. I plugged it in and there was sound, but a huge amount of buzzing, and when touching the end of my cable (which is metal) the buzz went away. However, when i touch the strings the sound doesnt go away, nor when i touch the bridge. There is a wire coming from the bridge into the control cavity but it didnt seem to make a difference when the normal lug was in contact with the ground lug of the output jack or any other lug or anything!

Before my bass was stripped of the output jack, there was a grounding problem then but with this, when i touched the strings it went away, so was liveable but now it just drowns out everything!

Thank you for your help!
One of the most common mistakes when wiring is connecting the jack backwards, and with such a simple wiring setup, that's where I'd look first.

What you need is to have the hot output of the pickup connected to the tip terminal of the jack, and the ground of the pickup and the wire from the bridge connected to the sleeve terminal of the jack.
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there are two wires from the pickup. a white one and a black one ( the ground wire from bridge is also black) so i need to;

white > tip lug

both blacks > ground lug

can i just ignore the other lug (which would be for stereo)?

thank you for your help.